You can think of these Jekyll helpers as little shortcuts. Since GitHub Pages doesn’t allow most plugins — custom tags are out. Instead the theme leverages includes to do something similar.

Base Path

Deprecated. Use absolute_url filter instead.

Instead of repeating {{ site.url }}{{ site.baseurl }} over and over again to create absolute URLs, you can use {{ base_path }} instead. Simply add {% include base_path %} to layouts, posts, pages, collections, or other includes and you’re good to go.

ProTip: It’s a good practice to use absolute URL paths for assets (especially post images) so they correctly resolve in the site’s XML feeds. Example: {{ "/assets/images/filename.jpg" | absolute_url }} ~>

Group by Array

Jekyll Group-By-Array by Max White.

A liquid include file for Jekyll that allows an object to be grouped by an array.

The Liquid based taxonomy archives found amongst the demo pages rely on this helper.

All posts grouped by category [Source][category-array] [Demo][category-array-demo]
All posts grouped by tags [Source][tag-array] [Demo][tag-array-demo]